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The Village Mirror is a mentoring program designed to help develop youth for today’s modern world, by creating confidence through etiquette and self-development skills.  Allowing our youth to conduct themselves in the modern world with confidence.


Since my last post of our fine dining experience, we have had an additional workshop, "Public Speaking 101."  Each workshop is like pieces to a puzzle, it gives the participant additional exposure to what their future will include.  Not every workshop is filled to the rafters, simply because many don't seem to see the value in this type of training, etiquette.  However, the videos, small snipets of the workshops indicate the value this information holds.  


We would not be able to achieve this success if it wasn't for our supporters, contributors.  We would like to thank  Charles Schwab Trust Company of Delaware for the use of their boardroom.  The amazing cookies that Sweet Treats by Heather White created for us.  The secuirty team of State 1 Security Consultants provided.  Oh, let me not forget the food that Aubria Nance Philips prepared, so each participant would not leave with an empty stomach.  We fed their minds and then we had to fill their tummys while we all sat and talked.  The pride each participant placed in being in this environment was something only those in the room would have seen.  You have no clue what we witnessed as the particpants stood before us to give their individual speeches.  I was honored to have each of this young people share thier voice.  


As Sean "P. Diddy, Puff Daddy, Diddt" Combs would say, "can't stop, won't stop."  I'm going to quote another, "you don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step."  said by Dr. King.  That's what we ard doing with this program, showing you steps.  Keep checking in, we're trying to keep you updated.



On January 20, 2018, we celebrate our New Year season with a fine dining workshop.  We are taking a leap and diving right into the nuances of eating out at an upscale establishment, Celebrations on Market in Wilmington, DE.  Although I am  a certified etiquette consultant, I have not had the experiences of the two seasoned professionals, Gary James aka Chef Semaj and Chef Marc Anthony  have had, and they will be the workshop leaders of this event.  Gary James is a professonal chef and culinary arts educator at a Wilmington, DE high school and Marc Anthony is the owner of the Celebrations on Market establishment.  Having them and me infront of our participants is going to be an amazing experience.  We will continue reaching our for sponors for our participants, which will be $25.00.  You can go to Eventbrite to sponsor or donate.


We have posted our workshop schedule for the winter season of 2018.  Check it out, perhaps you may know someone who would like to attend.




Our last event was a true success. Ms. Marilyn Ocasio was a true audience attention keeper.  Our participants were taugth the importance of the mind body connection.  She inforced the importance of knowing how what you think is display in your posture and through your actions.  Once we worked up an appetite we were ready to learn the table basics with me, Aurelia.  We had an amazing time and have to thank the facility owner, Dwayne Adams of Breaking Barriers, for the use of their space.

On September 23, 2017, The Village Mirror Etiquette Program had their launch event at Studio On Market on 219 N Market Street in Wilmington, DE.  The event was hosted by Aurelia Lyles, Founder of The Village Mirror Etiquette Program with special guest Angelo Ellerbee of Double XXposure Media Relations.  The attendees included members of the Delaware Futures Students program, a few young ladies from the community, the program's business advisor Audrey Scott-Hynson, program assistant Aubria Nance-Phillips and a few guardians/parents.


What is so amazing about the launch event was the fact our "village mindset" allowed us to achieve what some thought was impossible.  Each young lady who attended the event was sponsored by an adult they didn't know.  Amos Wilson wrote, "A people must trust, be dependable, have respect for each other if they are to develop a viable economic system.  When they have those kinds of relationships they have a social system, they can build, and they grow economically."  Which is what we have been experiencing since we started putting the word out about our program, a building of relationships--making a stronger community.  I am super excited to announce that we will be collaborating with The Breaking Barriers Fitness Center owned by Dwayne Adams, for future events.


Our next event will be on November 18, 2017, at Breaking Barriers, located at 503 Hawley Street in Wilmington, DE, and once again we are asking the community to join us to help our youth learn some valuable tools to help them as they move into the future with confidence.  We will be attaching an event link with more information and details shortly.  


Updating - details coming soon







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