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Aurelia Lyles is the founder of The Cocoa Express Show LLC, has an extensive business and educational background in media and other industries.  Like many of us, her journey has taken her on many unexpected twists and turns.  Hence, the reason for the creation of this show.  She says, "so much happens to me in one week, I sometimes can't believe i'm awake, and I wanted to share some of those moments.  This show has opened me up to commuicating my opinions, thoughts and experiences through the voice of my guests." 

Paradigm Shifters: Principles for Life and Success

Marilyn Ocasio

Owner of  Helping Heal Hearts, Reiki master, teacher and co-host on The Cocoa Expres Show's Paradigm Shifter: Principles of Live and Success, is a beautiful light energy that keeps us centered on our true intentions and how to manifest our heart's desire. 



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