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Aurelia Lyles is the founder of The Cocoa Express Show LLC, has been a bit of a mystery.  She doen't really say much about her life or experiences; however, each episode on the show gives you the impression that she is well informed.  The connection she establishes with her guests make for a truly entertaining show. 


Here's a little back story.  Aurelia is a native of Brooklyn, NY and has attended Erasmus Hall High School where she majored in instrumental music and learned to read, write, transpose and sing.  But her love has always been track and field and the big screen.  Film is were her studies at Borough of Manhattan Community College and Pace University offered her a chance to understand the industry and find her voice. What most discover is her zest for life; she's a "girl who wants to have fun."  Some of her adventures will make your belly hurt with laughter. 


"I've never let my fear impede my curosity of the unknown." - Aurelia Lyles

Recent Outing: The Newark International Film Festival


September 6th, 2018, The Newark International Film Festival began in Newark, NJ, its annual event for the third year.  NIFF is dedicated to the art of storytelling through film.  The event was a series of screenings, workshops, discussions and networking opportunities.  However, in my case it was an adventure.


As a child I was seriously addicted to film, small screen and big screen.  So much so, on my first attempt to college I majored in theater.  Oh how I loved my acting classes, you always saw my teeth, I just couldn't stop grinning because it was so much fun.  My second attempt and two of my degrees are media related.  Yet, I never pursued a career. 


As you can imagine, goint to this event was like visiting a long lost love.  I asked my girlfriend from high school to attend with me and we reconnected and discovered some new things about one another and found we had a shared interest.


We had the pleasure of attending the Master Acting Class taught by Lamman Rucker, known to many as Jacob from the OWN network hit show, Greenleaf.  Mr. Rucker's ability to capture the attendees attention as he shared his experiences in the acting world was genius.  He was candid, engaging, animated and very approachable.  But the lesson went way beyond acting.  It was a life skills lesson.


As the class began we learnd about preparation with the first lesson being about being on time.  We then moved into the warm-up.  It felt more like relaxing the body and mind, preparing it for concentration and focus.  Then he dropped some knowledge on us all.


I didn't get the chance to thank him for his time, expertise and honesty.  I drank too much water and was starving.  I'm not a great conversationalist when I'm hungry.  Nevertheless, whne the class ended, he spent time with each attendee who approached him and happily engaged them in conversation.  Thank you again Mr. Rucker!!!! 


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10/3/18 - Movie: Zahra and the Oil Man







Because We’re Thankful for You! Save up to $36 on flights & hotels with promo code THANKS36! Book Now!
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