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Let's Celebrate These Artists

Carolyn Malachi

From Washington, DC's rich Blues, Jazz, Spoken Word, GoGo and R&B music scene emerges CAROLYN MALACHI with a fresh blend of music that garners international praise, including MTV naming her an R&B artist “to obsess over”. 


Calvin Richardson

North Carolina native Calvin Richardson is a gritty, gospel-minded urban contemporary/neo-soul vocalist and songwriter whose influences have ranged from Sam Cooke, Bobby Womack, Donny Hathaway, and Marvin Gaye to Jodeci, K-Ci & JoJo, and R. Kelly.

Will Downing

He started his career in the early 80's.  Known as "the prince of sophiscated soul," Will Downing is an artist that continues to elevate our ears with his music by never leaving us empty.  He is a music machine with a discography that has given us something to listen to almost yearly.  With every note you feel the love he has for his music.

Love in the light so they can see you smile!

Shows we love

As we all get older we often wonder what gems the future will grace us with.  We are fotrunate to have one on the show.  Her name is Maya Belardo, the Princess of Jazz.  A recent high school graduate, she finds Nat King Cole and Ella Fitzgerald to be her favorite artist she hold close to her heart.  The preservation of our various art forms are so important and this young lady has taken the baton and proudly carries it for one of our most cherished art forms, Jazz.  We are both honored and proud to have her as a representative.

Cocoa Express Show News

The Newark International Film Festival





There was a host of events held an the film festival and the founder, Mr. Kenneth Gifford, is a chammpion in his community.  The events took you though the city of Newark, NJ and afforded the attendees the opportunity too experience the culture first hand.  I had a really good bagel with cream cheese at a new bagel shop in the area.  We saw screenings in the Newark Museum of Art, Public Library and the Institute of Technology.  During his introduction to a discussion panel, he mentioned how many entries he received for the various film categories and trust me it was massive.  Mr. Gifford's job title should have been magician as he was able to make the most unfortunate mix-up appear as if it never happened. I would gladly attend next year.


Over the years of doing the radio show, we have had some amazing guests.  To say that each guest didn't have an impact in some way would be an insult.  The amazingly talented individuals we've shared the microphone with have changed the world with their actions.  It makes one wonder what impact each of us has on the planet.  I don't think any of us wake up with the mission to change the world, some of us do, but we have to remember that we are all on this planet for a reason and purpose, predetermined by the Heavenly Father.  Oftentimes, many of us try to run from that which we are called to do.  But when we follow the plan amazing things happen. 


This show, this platform is a prime example of witnessing how amazing things happen.  We have had some guests on the show who were the first in their industry to do that special thing.  For example, Antonio Fargas was the first black male to portray a transgender female in a major movie, Car Wash.  Little did he know that his performance was setting the stage for today's depiction of a society of people who are societal norms.  Another example is Nora Mae Carmicahel, a self-taught artist, was the first Harlem artist to create a Christmas Tree Ornament for the White House by Laura Bush, paving the way for other artists of color to be acknowledged in a bigger arena.  Yet another example is the R&B group Full Force, one brother Bowlegged Lou gave stem cells to Paul Anthony, his brother, to help save his life so that they can continue to make more music, bringing awareness to the importance of faith, determination, family and perseverance when dealing with illness.


Many of our guests have come from adverse circumstances that ordinarily would have you feeling stuck and powerless to change.  However, they had that little voice that continued to push them to practice, change, follow their dream and press on regardless of the obstacles.  I've provided a few examples of people who have impacted me in a special way.  I hope you take a moment to listen to some of our past shows to learn some of the lessons they shared about their journey through life, to stardom.  We are all built with this in our DNA, now what you do with it depends on you.


Be all you believe you could be and be happy doing it!


Peace and Love,





Fitness Journal
Coming off a series of muscle strains and bang-ups, I'm is back on my fitness journey.  Aerial Yoga is the event flavor for the past few weeks. This form of fitness requires a great deal of concentration and a good sense of humor.  The instructor Maryann is a real gem, because there have been days when my stubborn self wanted to show out and complain especially at 6:15 am when I know I didn't sleep well the night before.  However, the best thing anyone can do for themselves is to get up, get moving and be active.  Namaste!!!

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