The Cocoa Express Show is  live internet radio show broadcast via the BlogTalkRadio network. When you come aboard, you embark on a journey towards enlightenment, understanding and some fun. Our topics encompass all areas. Our conversations can and should be shared. Come onboard and enjoy the ride with our executive producer and host, Aurelia Lyles, a unique character. She keeps it real with you. You never know where she's going, but when you get there, you will be completely informed on the subject of the day.


We have a team that keeps this train in constant motion.  Join us.  We have Steve Duncanson and Marilyn Ocasio every month with their segment "Paradigm Shifters...Principles for Life and Success." They will be helping you "frame your tomorrow, today."  When you take a journey with Steve and Marilyn, you will be empowered and ready make changes in your life.  Oh, his distinctive delivery will have you coming back for more.


Sharon M. Homer and Joe Belaro's monthly segment "Real Estate Straight Talk" is packed with real estate industry insight to opportunity. Check them out and hear what's going on today. Then there's "You -- The Best Invention Ever" with Valencia Lyles-Saunders and Suzanne Rust, and the You Monthly side note. These two ladies have a way of interacting that is fun and very easy; they also have amazing guests.


Our two new segments "Relationship Remedies for Us" with Dr. Linda Owens-Wiley and spoken word artist Hank Stewart, explore the relationship sphere to help us learn how to better relate to each other. "WealthZone Radio" with attorney Teresa R. Martin is a segment geared to providing you with the understanding that generational wealth is an option available to us all.  She shares her monthly segment with supplemental youtube videos, seminars, informational telephone conferences and business management.


I cannot not forget Joy Ferguson, Connie Browning and Mike Ferris, they have been re-occuring guests that bring more flava' to the show.  Keep your eyes and ears open for more updates and launch dates.


Our great team of individuals diligently work behind the scenes keeping this show ahead of the curve on what's happening. Not to mention the healthy participation from you, the listener. This is what makes our show a success.


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